The Animal Cave

The Animals Cave

The father wanted to take the children into the mountain and leave them there to be eaten up by the wolves. The eldest daughters suspected this and refused to go along. But the two youngest agreed to go with their father. So, they drove off with their father. When they had driven for a long time, they asked, “When are we going to reach?” “Soon,” said their father. And when they had reached the mountains, he told them, “Wait here. I will go ahead to the village to tell your grandmother we are coming.” And then he drove off with the donkey-cart.

The girls waited and waited, but he did not return. Finally, they realised that he was not coming back for them and had left them in the mountains alone. They wandered into the hills, seeking shelter for the night. Suddenly, they saw a cave from which came a glow of light and they went in.

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