The Advance Slap


Once, Mulla employed a servant named Abdul, to do his household chores. He gave Abdul an earthen pot and said, “You will bring water every day from the pond.” As Abdul turned to go, Mulla called him, “Listen! Be very careful with this pot. Don’t break it.” When Abdul turned around, Mulla said, “If you break the pot, I will slap you.” Abdul had gone up to the door when Mulla called him back. When Abdul returned, Mulla raised his hand and slapped him. “Why did you slap me, master? I have not broken the pot yet,” protested Abdul. “If I slap you after you  have broken the pot, it won’t put the broken pot together again,” said Mulla. “So, I slapped you in advance. Now you know how I will slap you if that pot gets broken. You will be really careful now.” Abdul was shocked and confused at Mulla’s behaviour when he left the house.

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