Lucky Mulla


One Friday at the mosque, a man said to Mulla, “I am the commander of the soldiers of Bukhara. The captain says you proved lucky to him.” The commander continued, “I am going on a hunting expedition tomorrow. I want to see how lucky you prove to me.” So, the next day, Mulla went with the commander and his hunting party. They climbed up a tree and sat on a machan. Suddenly, a tiger came out. As he was staring at the goat tied under the tree, the commander shouted at Mulla, “You are lucky, my foot! I forgot my arrows below. Maybe I should push you down.” Mulla was horrified and swung his leg forward. The commander tripped over it and fell on the tiger’s back. He was unhurt but the tiger was dead! Thus, the commander became the first man of Bukhara to kill a tiger without any weapon. Lucky Mulla returned home with the goat as his prize.

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