Tadpoles Search for Their Mother


Once, at the time of spring, there were many cute little tadpoles in a pond. They had never met their mother before, and so they wanted to go out and find her. They asked the duck, “Are you our mother?” The mother duck said to them, “Your mother has two eyes and one big mouth.” The little tadpoles swam forward and saw a goldfish. The tadpoles happily cried out, “Mamma! Mamma!!” The goldfish said, “I’m not your mother. Your mother has a white belly.” The tadpoles continued swimming and met a crab.

The crab’s belly was white. They immediately cried out, “Mamma! Mamma!!” The crab shook its head and said, “You’ve got the wrong lady. I have eight legs and your mother only has four.” Suddenly, they saw a frog going. They asked cautiously, “Are you our mamma?” The frog smiled and said, “That’s me. I’m your mother. After growing up, you’ll look just like me.” The little tadpoles had finally found their mother.

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