Kitty Goes Fishing


One day, a little kitten, Kitty went fishing with his Mom. When they sat down, a dragonfly came. Kitty kept down his fishing rod and chased the dragonfly. But the dragonfly flew away. At that very moment, his mom caught a big fish. When Kitty sat down again and continued fishing, a butterfly came across. The little kitten again chased it. But the butterfly also flew away. His mom again caught a big fish. Kitty asked his mom, “Why can’t I catch even one fish?”

The mom replied, “You have to be focused while fishing. You keep running after the dragonfly and the butterfly now and then; how can you land a fish?” Kitty felt ashamed and began focusing on fishing. The dragonfly and the butterfly came again. But Kitty didn’t move an inch. After a while, it caught a big fish! Happy Kitty shouted, “I caught a big fish!”

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