Sun Conure Parrot

The Aratinga solstitialis (scientific name) or sun conure is native to the North-Eastern parts of South America, from Brazil to Venezuela. A full-grown sun parakeet is a riot of rainbow colours from bright yellow, orange, red to blue and green. This parrot is medium in size, not extending more than 12 inches. Both its beak and eyes are black. Its diet is comprised of fruits, flowers, berries and nuts. The average clutch-size is 3-5 eggs, which are incubated for 23 days. While the sun conure parrot squawks and screeches and mimics human speech, it also does something called beak grinding. The sun conure parrot grinds its beak around dusk, as a sign to show that it is relaxed and sleepy. Its IUCN listing is ENDANGERED.

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