Streak-throated Swallow

The Hirundo fluvicola (scientific name) or streak-throated swallow is native to South Asia, specifically India. 4.7 inches in length, it has chestnut coloured plumage on the upper parts, with the neck, wings and tail being a darker brownish colour, and the crown being a more reddish-chestnut colour. The throat, chest and belly are all creamy-white in colour. The beak is dark black and tail is slightly forked. Its diet mostly includes flies, which it forages for in flocks. An average clutch is comprised of 3-4 eggs laid in a nest which is made from clay pellets collected off the ground with a tubular entrance. Many birds build their nests together (60-200 nests) giving it a honeycomb appearance. Its IUCN listing is the LEAST CONCERN.

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