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Pansy and the Pot of Honey | Kids Board Moral Stories | Stories for Kids


Pansy and the Pot of Honey is a moral board story from Sawan. The book has the story of Pancy, a monkey. Once she went to a jungle and found a honey pot behind the bush. She hid the pot to take away home. But soon, she saw that a baby beer was looking for something. She asked him what the matter was. The baby beer was so sad as he could not find his honey pot. He started crying louder and louder. Soon his mother came and asked what had happened. The baby beer explained the situation to her mother. Seeing all this, Pansy could not hold and told the mother beer that she had hidden the pot and returned it to them. The story teaches the lesson of being honest and trustworthy to ourselves. Children will learn the story and value of honesty. Grab a copy now!

Embark on a sweet and meaningful journey with “Pansy and the Pot of Honey” from Sawan Book Brand. This delightful kids’ board moral story follows Pansy, a curious bear cub, as she learns about patience and the rewards of hard work. With vibrant illustrations and a captivating narrative, this book teaches valuable life lessons in a fun and engaging way.



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