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Overconfident Lanky Loses the Race | Kids Board Moral Stories | Stories for Kids


Sawan presents an interesting moral storyboard book for children – Overconfident Lanky Loses the Race. Lanky was a monkey who won the race in his school. Soon the principal announced a second race, Lanky, overconfident, took it lightly and didn’t prepare for the race. His best friend tried to persuade him to prepare, but he said I will definitely win the race. Would he really win the race? Order the book and find out with your children.

Embark on a thrilling journey with “Overconfident Lanky Loses the Race” from Sawan Book Brand. Join Lanky, a confident and spirited character, as he learns an important lesson about humility and sportsmanship. This engaging children’s book features vibrant illustrations and a captivating story that encourages young readers to embrace teamwork and resilience. Follow Lanky’s ups and downs as he faces challenges and discovers the true meaning of winning. “Overconfident Lanky Loses the Race” is a delightful addition to any child’s bookshelf, providing entertainment while imparting valuable life lessons. Get ready to cheer for Lanky and cheer on his journey of self-discovery and personal growth.






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