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The Sleeping Beauty | Kids Board Fairy Tales | Book for Kids

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Sawan presents an enchanted Sleeping Beauty kid’s board fairy tale. Once upon a time, there lived a King who had no child. However, the Queen was blessed with a baby girl. But a witch got angry, for she was not invited to the birth ceremony of the Princess. She put a curse on Princess that she will die eventually. The curse came true, and she fell into a deep sleep. But every curse comes with a cure. What do you think about how her curse was lifted? Order a copy now and find out with your children.

Step into the magical “Sleeping Beauty” world from Sawan Book Brand. This captivating kids’ board fairy tale tells the story of a princess cursed to sleep for a hundred years and the prince who awakens her with true love’s kiss. With sturdy board pages perfect for little hands, this book features vibrant illustrations and a spellbinding narrative. Join the princess as she overcomes the curse, encounters fairies, and finds her way to a happily ever after. “Sleeping Beauty” is a treasured addition to any child’s library, offering a delightful reading experience that sparks imagination and teaches important moral values.

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