Spoon-billed Sandpiper

The Calidrispygmaea (scientific name) or spoon-billed sandpiper is a migratory bird, which breeds in coastal lagoons and bays of North-Eastern Russia and spends in winters in coastal, marine sites of South-East Asia. 14-16 inches in length, this wader has dark black-brown upperparts, white underparts and black legs. Its head, neck and chest are red-brown in colour, which is missing in the non-breeding male. Its beak is long flat and spoon-shaped. Since they are migratory in nature, in summers they eat larvae and invertebrates and also plant material, whereas in winters they eat a variety of marine invertebrates. An average clutch has 4 eggs, incubated by both adults for 19-23 days. Its IUCN listing is CRITICALLY ENDANGERED.

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