Siberian Crane

The Leucogeranus leucogeranus (scientific name) or Siberian crane is a migratory bird which breeds in Western and Eastern parts of the Arctic tundra of Russia. While the Eastern population migrates to China in winters, the Western population migrates to Iran and India. When they stand, they are 55 inches in height, and have pure white plumage over all, except for the primary coverts. The face, fore-crown and side of the head are bare and red-coloured. As a result of their migratory nature, they are omnivores which primarily eat plants, though they are known to eat roots, seeds, small rats, earthworms and fish. An average clutch has 2 eggs, while the male stands guard and the eggs are incubated for 27-29 days. Its IUCN listing is CRITICALLY ENDANGERED.

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