Si-ling, the Goddess of the Silkworm


One morning, Si-ling said to the Emperor, “I can find a way to weave those long threads into cloth.” “But how will you unwind the threads?” asked the Emperor. “I will find a way,” Si-ling said. After many attempts, she did find the way. She put the cocoons in a hot place, and the worms soon died. Then, she put the cocoons in the boiling water to make the threads soft. She could finally unwind the threads.

Now, she needed to weave the threads into cloth. After trying many times, she made the first ever loom. Si-ling taught others how to weave, and soon all the people were making cloth from the threads of the silkworm. Si-ling came to be regarded as ‘The Goddess of the Silkworm’. Whenever the Emperor walked into the garden with Si-ling, they loved to watch the silkworms spinning threads which could then be turned into cloth for the people of their kingdom.

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