Si-ling Finds Silk Cocoons


The Emperor of China, Hoangti and his wife Si-ling loved their people and always thought of their happiness. During those times, the people in China wore clothes made of skins. With time, the animals started decreasing and the people did not know what to wear. The Emperor and the Empress tried to find some other way of clothing them but to no avail. One morning, Emperior Hoangti and his wife Si-ling were walking into the palace garden.

They saw some worms on the mulberry trees. Suddenly, the Emperor said, “Look Si-ling, they seem to be spinning.” Si-ling looked and saw a long thread coming from the mouth of each, and each little worm was winding the thread around its body. In some days, all the worms had spun cocoons. Si-ling was amazed to see this wonderful thing. She kept thinking about it for days.

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