Ronny’s Plan

Ronny, the rhino was looking forward to the weekend. He could be what he loved best—play with his friends. Ronny, called up Hissy Snake. “Let’s take our bikes and go for a ride,” he said. “SSSorry, Ronny, I have got football practice today, a game tomorrow, and SSSSunday I have to go for a birthday party,” said Hissy. Disappointed, Ronny, called up Gilbert Gator. “Let’s build something with my blocks,” he said. But Gilbert Gator was busy too. His father was taking him fishing. Ronny was fed up. He went outside and lay down on the grass staring grumpily at the clouds. Everyone had something to do. He heard a voice calling to him and looked up to see his mother. His friend Louis Lion had called. He wanted to play football with him the next day. “It’s going to be a good weekend after all,” smiled Ronny.

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