The Coraciidae (scientific name) or rollers are Old World birds which can be found in warmer climates. Most roller species are found in Africa. While there are species found in Europe, they are migratory in nature. 10-11 inches in length, they resemble crows in shape and size, but are as colourful as kingfishers or bee-eaters. They have large heads, short necks, bright colourful plumage and short weak legs. Their diet mostly consists of invertebrates, and small vertebrates like frogs, lizards and insects which other birds avoid. An average clutch is 2-4 eggs in tropical regions, and 3-6 eggs in higher altitudes, incubated for 17-20 days. Its IUCN listing varies from species to species; some like the azure dollarbird and European roller are NEAR THREATENED.

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