Robby Learnt His Lesson

Robby was a naughty small rabbit. He lived with his mother in a little burrow. His mother used to bring fresh sweet carrots for him. She always told him not to come out of the burrow as he was still a baby. One day, while her mother was away to bring carrots, he came out of the burrow and ran outside. He told himself, “I am not a baby! I am old enough to go out on my own. I can take care of myself.!” He wandered here and there in the woods. He chased little butterflies and picked berries. Suddenly, he heard a sound “Hissss!” When turned back, he saw a huge snake in front of him! Now, Robby was stunned and frozen. Thankfully, a mongoose came and pounced on the snake. They both started fighting with each other. Robby fled way to save his life. Now he knew why his mother always told him not to go out alone.

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