Mulla Nasruddin, famished from a day’s work, came back home and began stuffing food into his mouth using both of his hands, simultaneously. “Why are you eating with two hands?” his wife asked. “Because I don’t have three hands,” he replied, which made her laugh. Both Mulla and his wife were competitive and often played the ‘Remember game’. Each person had to say the word ‘Remember’ whenever the other participant handed him/her an object. One day, Mulla decided to go on a long trip and return with a gift, in hope that his wife would forget to say ‘Remember’ when she accepted the gift. Nine months later, he came back home with the gift, sure that his planning would pay off. When his wife answered the door, she said, holding a small baby in her hands, “Here is your new son!” Mulla was caught so off-guard that he immediately embraced the baby, prompting his wife to exclaim immediately, “You Forgot!”

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