Mulla and the Warriors


Once, a group of soldiers stood in the town square bragging about their accomplishments in a recent battle. “We defeated them,” said one of the men, “We were invincible. I myself killed about a dozen of their best men.” “And I,” added another, “caught an arrow that was headed towards me, threw it back at the shooter, and nailed him right in the heart!” A third man added, “We are surely the greatest warriors this town has ever known!” Suddenly, Mulla Nasruddin declared, “Back in my day, when I was in battle, I once took my sword and chopped off my enemy’s arm!” One of the warriors said, “If I were you, I would have cut off his head instead!” Mulla replied, “I agree, but it would not have been possible at that time.” “Why not?” the warrior asked. “Because someone had already chopped off his head before me!” said Mulla, sheepishly.

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