Red-tailed Laughing Thrush

The Garrulax milnei (scientific name) or red-tailed laughing thrush is a medium-sized bird with 4 different species. All these species are found in South-East Asia, from China to Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. The red-tailed laughing thrush is on an average 10-11 inches in length. It has a bright red colour on the wings and the tail. The crown and nape are rust in colour. The underside of the tail, chin and throat, as also the under parts are all black in colour. While they eat seeds and fruits, they enhance their diet with insects and invertebrates. This bird has a clutch-size of 2-3 eggs which are incubated for 14-16 days. Its nest is cup-shaped and built in dense undergrowth. Its IUCN listing is the LEAST CONCERN.

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