Pterodactyluses were the winged reptiles that lived during

the Late Jurassic Period.

They had wingspan ranged from 2 to 11 metres, which made them

the largest flying birds.

Pterodactyluses were carnivores, and ate meat, such as fish,

eggs and crabs.

Pterodactylus had a striking similarity to the present day giraffe.

They had huge bodies but hollow bones, like tubes, which helped them to fly.

Pterodactylus walked on four legs rather than two.

Pterodactylus had long beaks filled with 90 teeth. They looked
very dangerous.

Pterodactylus laid soft eggsn like snakes or lizards. The baby

Pterodactyluses were called flaplings.

They were able to save themselves from their attackers by being able to fly.

Pterodactylus became extinct after a number of volcanoes had erupted.

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