The Pittidae (scientific name) or pitta is a family of bird native to semi-forests and tropical regions of Asia, Australia and parts of Africa. There are 32 different species of pitta. The size of the pitta bird varies from region to region, but is between 5.9 inches to 9.1 inches in length. They are brightly coloured with short tails and slightly de-curved beaks. Earthworms and snails form the most important part of their diet. Many eat insects ranging from termites to freshwater crabs and spiders. The clutch-size varies from 3-5 eggs depending on the species, but the blue-winged pitta lays 6 eggs. Incubation period for all is 14-16 days. Its IUCN listing varies from bird to bird, but most are considered to be the LEAST CONCERN.

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