Peach Payment for Mulla


Mulla Nasruddin moved to a new town and took up a job to pick peaches off trees in an orchard for fifty Thankas a day. However, when he went to collect his pay, the orchard owner said, “I don’t have any money. Come back tomorrow afternoon, and I’ll let you eat as many peaches as you want.” Mulla reluctantly agreed. The next day, Mulla arrived at the orchard at noon. Soon, he climbed a ladder to the top of a tree, grabbed a peach, and began eating it rapidly. “Why did you choose to eat from the top? Wouldn’t it be easier to just reach the peaches on branches closer to the ground?” asked the owner. “Unless I start from the top of each tree, how else will I be able to eat every peach in this orchard by the day’s end?” said Mulla. The shocked owner paid Mulla his dues.

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