Paper Chain

Mr and Mrs Smith had to go on an official tour for five days. They had to leave their children with their Granny. Granny and Grandpa were very happy to see their grandchildren. Granny gave the two children sweets, cake and fruits. Grandpa read them stories. For some time they could divert the attention of the children. But when it was time to sleep, the two children began to cry for their parents. Granny somehow made the children sleep. In the morning, Grandpa thought of a brilliant idea to keep the children busy. He made them cut strips of paper and then paste them together. “Look at this paper chain. It has five links and Mommy and Daddy will be back in five days,” he told them, “Every day we will break a link.” This was an exciting game for the children and they happily tore away one link every day. And so the days passed till all the links were gone. When the last link was gone they knew their Mommy and Daddy would come that day.

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