The King of Kausala, Nagnajit, had a lovely daughter named Nagnajiti. King Nagnajit had taken a vow of giving his daughter’s hand in marriage to whoever tamed his seven bulls and put a noose on them successfully. None of the Kings who came as suitors, could tame the seven bulls. However, soon, Lord Krishna heard about the Princess. So, he went to the capital of Kausala with a large army. When Krishna arrived, King Nagnajit received him with all honours. Nagnajiti, too, desired to have Krishna as her husband. When Krishna expressed his intent to marry Nagnajiti, the king mentioned his vow. Lord Krishna expanded himself to seven forms to fight the seven bulls simultaneously. He easily tied up noose on the bulls as if it were a child’s play. When the other suitors came to fight Krishna, He defeated them, too. King Nagnajit was pleased and offered Nagnajiti in marriage to Lord Krishna.

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