Mulla’s Universe


Mulla Nasruddin was hanging a painting in his room. As he hammered the nail, he accidentally hit too hard, and made a big hole in his wall. He saw goats on the other side, but didn’t realise that he was looking into his neighbour’s yard. He exclaimed, “Wife! You are not going to believe this! I accidentally discovered another universe right in my room. A universe of goats!” His wife chose not to comment on this. The next morning, she felt sick and asked Mulla to get a doctor. As he rushed out, she yelled, “I suddenly feel better. I don’t need a doctor anymore.” But Mulla continued running until he reached the doctor’s house and explained, “Doctor, my wife is sick and told me to go and get a doctor. As I left, she suddenly recovered. So now I have come here to tell you that you don’t need to bother coming to our house.” The doctor just stared, speechlessly.

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