Mulla and the Visiting Emperor


A visiting Emperor was in Mulla Nasruddin’s town and specially visited Mulla’s little inn. He ordered a meal in the inn for lunch. When the Emperor finished the meal, he asked Mulla, “How much to pay?” “Fifty Thankas,” Mulla confidently answered. Surprised to hear such a high figure, the Emperor said, “Wow! That’s very expensive. Are such meals rare in this area?” “No, not really,” Mulla replied, “What are really rare around here are the visits of Emperors!” The Emperor laughed heartily and then went hunting with Mulla and several attendants. He fired his arrow at a duck but missed. “An unlucky shot!” one attendant remarked. “Your bowstring must be worn out,” said another. “Your horse didn’t stay steady,” added a third. “Your highness,” Mulla said, “although you missed that shot yet you can console yourself with the fact that you have succeeded so many times throughout the years in killing many innocent people.” Saying this, Mulla walked away.

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