Mulla’s Tricks


Mulla Nasruddin was returning from a neighbouring town when a man asked him, “What three times two was.” “Four,” Mulla replied. “You are wrong,” the man said, “The answer is six.” “Actually,” explained Mulla, “I am not wrong. We use different type of Maths where I am from.” Saying this, he left for his home town. On the way, he saw a man who was proclaiming that no one could trick him. Mulla said to him, “Just wait here for a while, and I’ll figure out how to trick you.” The man waited and waited and waited. A merchant from across the street noticed him, and asked, “What are you waiting here for?” The man replied, “I’ve been waiting here for an hour, just to see if Mulla can trick me.” “Well then,” the merchant said, “You needn’t wait here any longer as you have already been tricked.” The man left, feeling defeated for the first time.

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