Mulla’s Madness


One night, Mulla Nasruddin woke up and called out, “O dear! Please get up! I have just been divinely inspired! Get me a pencil and piece of paper at once!” His wife lit a candle, brought the pencil and paper, and handed it to Mulla. He wrote something fast and was about to put out the candle when his wife exclaimed, “Wait! Please read what you wrote.” Mulla read, “Wherever you go, there you are!” His wife was so angry that she slept in the other room. Sometime later, a thief broke into Mulla’s house and began putting things in a sack. Not able to sleep, Mulla came to the living room and saw the thief. In fact, he joined the thief and added a few items. The thief asked, “What in the world are you doing?” Mulla replied, “I thought we were moving, so I began helping you pack.” The thief thought that Mulla was mad and ran away immediately.

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