Mulla’s Beard


Every morning, Mulla Nasruddin stood before a mirror and adored his beard. However, one night, he saw a mouse near his beard. So, he bought a cat. Then, he bought a potter’s goat for milk. But the goat wouldn’t let anyone milk her except the potter’s daughter, Gulzan. So, she came every day to Mulla’s house. Mulla then hired a servant to bring grass for the goat from a far-off pasture. To pay the servant, Mulla opened a grocery shop in a portion of his house. All of this was too much for a carefree person like Mulla. So, he married Gulzan on a friend’s suggestion, to manage his work. But the very next day she requested, “Dear husband, please get rid of that beard. It reminds me of the goat.” Mulla looked in the mirror after shaving his beard. When he realised that he had actually started the chain of events just for his dear beard, he cried like a child.

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