Mulla and the Travelling Scholar


Once, a travelling scholar came to meet famous Mulla Nasruddin of Bukhara. He invited Mulla to a meal at a local restaurant. The scholar ordered two lamb steaks for each of them and started having an interesting conversation with Mulla. After several minutes, the waiter brought a platter containing one medium-sized steak and one larger one. Mulla immediately took the larger steak and put in on his plate. The scholar looked at him with disbelief. “What do you violate virtually every moral, ethical etiquette, and religious principle,” the scholar began explaining. He continued with a long lecture. When he finally finished talking, Mulla asked, “Well, may I ask what you would have done if you were in my situation?” “Yes,” the scholar replied, “I would have taken the smaller steak for myself.” Mulla placed the smaller steak on the scholar’s plate and said, “All right then; here you go!” The scholar left in anger.

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