Indian Chillies


Once, Mulla Nasruddin travelled to India on a business trip, and was very hungry. He found a man selling what appeared to be a fruit, and bought a huge basketful. As he bit into one and began munching it, he began sweating profusely and turning bright red; but still he kept on eating. As Mulla continued to eat, he spotted an Iranian and said to him, “Friend, these are some very unusual fruits they have here in India.” The Iranian replied, “What! Those are not fruits at all! Those are spicy Indian chillies, and if you continue eating them like this, your tongue is going to be on fire! Throw them away!” “Impossible! I surely cannot stop eating them!” Mulla replied. “For goodness sake, why can’t you?” the Iranian asked. “I have no choice! I already paid for them,” said Mulla, “I am not eating food anymore; I am eating my money.” The Iranian was shocked to hear this!

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