Mitravinda was the princess of the kingdom of Avanti. Rajadhidevi, Vasudeva’s sister, was her mother. Mitravinda was deeply in love with Lord Krishna, but was scared of her brothers Vinda and Anuvinda. They arranged a Swayamvar or a ceremony of choosing a husband for Mitravinda. Her father had called an assembly of kings at his capital to enable her to select her own partner in life. Krishna, too, attended the assembly. Mitravinda’s brothers were determined that they would not let their sister get married to Krishna. So, they ordered that she must choose any king except Krishna in the Swayamvar. Balarama knew of Mitravinda’s affection for Krishna and advised Him to abduct her. Krishna was not sure of Mitravinda’s wishes, so he took His sister, Subhadra with Him. She talked with Mitravinda and confirmed her love for Krishna. Thus, knowing of her affection for Him, Krishna defeated all the other kings in a fight. He took Mitravinda away to Dwarka and married her.

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