Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

The rich Qasim and the poor Ali Baba were brothers. Ali Baba earned through cutting wood. One day, he saw forty robbers opening a rock saying “Open Sesame” and for coming out, saying “Close Sesame”.

When they left, he did the same and inside the rock saw gold and silver. He filled the bags on the mule and brought them home. When Qasim realized about his treasure, he attempted to do the same as Ali did. But he was caught by the robbers who cut him to pieces. Ali Baba came after him and carried the body to his house to be buried with the help of Marjaneh, the maid.

When the robbers found the body and the gold missing, the chief disguised himself as an oil merchant and brought thirty-nine robbers inside the oil jars, to the Ali Baba’s house. Marjaneh found out about the trick. By pouring hot oil inside the jars, she killed all the robbers. Ali was so grateful to Marjaneh that he freed her from slavery.

The avenging chief came to Ali Baba’s house to dine. Marjaneh who recognized the chief killed him. Seeing her slave’s dedication, Ali Baba rewarded her by making her his daughter-in-law.

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