Maui Parrotbill

The Pseudonestor xanthophrys (scientific name) or maui parrotbill is found only in a patch of 50 square kilometre of wet forest in Maui, Hawaii. 5.5 inches in length, this bird is one of the largest honeycreepers of its species. It has a yellow chest, cheek and belly, and olive-green wings, crown, tail and back. The upper mandible is hooked, while the lower mandible is chisel-like and paler. Insectivorous by nature, they find insects in the wood and bark of trees and in half open or eaten fruits. Monogamous breeders, a clutch has 1 egg laid in a nest high above the forest floor, incubated for 16 days and brought up by both parents. Its IUCN listing is CRITICALLY ENDANGERED.

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