Maddy’s Muddy Game

Maddy’s father has a big farm. Lots of cows, sheep and little white pigs live in the farm. After school, Maddy plays with all of them. The little puppy is his best friend. Both Maddy and his little friend loves playing in the mud. There’s a little muddy puddle beside the big pond in the farm. The ducks and the ducklings who stay in the pond loves Maddy and join in the fun. Kicking the mud is one of their favourite games and everyday they hold a competition to see who kicks the mud best. Maddy always wins but what he loves best is making mud cakes. “I love the way the mud trickles down my arms and through my fingers,” he says. But what Maddy dreads most is bathing. After playing in the mud, Mummy gives him a bath and scrubs him clean. Oh! What a tough time he has!

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