Lord Krishna is Proved Innocent

The existence of the Syamantak gem spread like wildfire. A lot of people desired to own the gem. One of Satyabhama’s suitors, Shatadhanwa, also wanted to own the gem. He was also angry that Satrajit had married Satyabhama to Krishna. So, one night, he broke into Satrajit’s chamber to steal the Syamantak gem. When Satrajit protested, Shatadhanwa killed him and stole the gem. On realizing what he had done, Shatadhanwa left the gem with Akrura and fled from Dwarka. Lord Krishna and Balarama learnt about this and killed Shatadhanwa for his crime. Not finding the gem with Shatadhanwa, Krishna understood that he must have left it with Akrura for safekeeping. He called a meeting at His court and asked Akrura to show the gem. Everybody was startled to hear Akrura’s name. Lord Krishna knew that His uncle too was part of this wrong deed. Akrura fell at Krishna’s feet, and asked for forgiveness. Thus, Krishna’s name was cleared.

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