Jambavan and Jambavati

Lord Krishna found Jambavan’s son playing with the Syamantak gem inside the cave. Seeing Krishna, Jambavan’s son let out a wail that alerted Jambavan. Jambavan thought Krishna was attacking his son and fought with Krishna. This fierce fight lasted for twenty-eight days! Finally, Krishna appeared as Lord Ram. Jambavan immediately recognised Him and fell at His feet. He was a devotee of Lord Ram and had helped him fight against Ravana. Along with the Syamantak gem, Jambavan offered his daughter, Jambavati’s hand in marriage and Lord Krishna accepted. Krishna returned to Dwarka with the Syamantak gem and His new bride. He returned the gem to its rightful owner, Satrajit, who was ashamed of accusing Krishna. He offered his daughter, Satyabhama, in marriage. But Satyabhama already had three suitors–Akrura, Kritavarma and Shatadhanwa. They were furious that Satrajit had married Satyabhama to Krishna and not to any of them.

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