Lord Krishna Influences Arjun

During the Kurukshetra war, Arjun refused to take up arms against the Kauravas. Though he was a brave warrior yet he was confused with a moral dilemma about fighting against his own family. Arjun expressed his hesitation about fighting against the people who had raised, nurtured and taught him. He meant his grandfather, Bhishma and his guru, Drona. Lord Krishna said, “During this great war, there will be killing and immense losses on both sides. I understand your love and respect for Bhishma and Drona. They are noble men but they have sided with Adharma by not protesting against injustice to you, Pandavas. In a war, there are no relations, but before the war there were relations. But Bhishma and Drona did not exercise their seniority and authority against injustice.” Lord Krishna was not just Arjun’s charioteer. He used His power of words to influence Arjun who felt dejected and depressed on the battlefield.

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