Bhishma’s Vow Averted

Bhishma ran out of his tent to meet Lord Krishna. He asked the guard about a servant. The guard proudly said, “I kicked him and did not let him come in.” Bhishma thought, ‘You fool! You have no idea whom you have kicked!’ Seeing Lord Krishna disguised as a servant, Bhishma went to Him and touched His feet. The guard was surprised at this. After they were inside the tent, Bhishma asked, “Lord Krishna, why did You do this?” Lord Krishna said, “Your vow, ‘None of the Pandavas will be alive by tomorrow evening!’ has forced me to do this. This was the only way to protect the Pandavas from the great warrior, Bhishma!” Bhishma was amazed at this! He thought, ‘How cleverly He has avoided the biggest disaster on the Pandavas!’ Thus, Lord Krishna who knew the power of Bhishma’s vow came up with the only possible way to save the Pandavas.

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