Lord Brahma Exults

Lord Brahma, the god of Creation, witnessed how Lord Krishna had killed Aghasura effortlessly. Lord Krishna’s triumph was praised by all. Lord Brahma said to Indra, “Look at the power of the Lord in His eighth incarnation. Not only has He destroyed an evil demon, who was tormenting thousands of people and causing bloodshed and mayhem on Earth, He has also shown mercy. The soul of the evil demon was purified because Lord Krishna Himself destroyed the monster. All of the Heavens watched as the evil demon’s soul submitted to the glory of Lord Krishna.” The people of Vrindavan were also happy. “When our Lord Krishna can kill such evil demons at such a tender age, imagine His glory when he comes of age,” they all said. The end of evil Kansa was now certain, for all his demons had failed to kill Lord Krishna.

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