Aghasura’s Soul Submits to Lord Krishna

When demon Agha was killed by Lord Krishna, his soul underwent a transformation. This younger brother of Bakasura and Putana, who had wanted to kill the cowherds as well as Lord Krishna, met with his end while He was still inside the demon’s body. Due to this reason, the evil soul of Aghasura was purified. As the demigods and the gods watched, the soul changed into a dazzling light and submitted to Lord Krishna. The light bowed before the Lord in reverence. “Such is Lord Krishna’s divine radiance that even the evil demon wants to submit to Him!” exclaimed the gods as they cheered His latest victory. They showered flower petals on Lord Krishna and worshipped Him even as the denizens of the Heavens danced in joy. They recited Vedic (religious) hymns. Thus, with the death of this evil demon, both Heaven and Earth rejoiced with happiness and joy.

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