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The Little Mermaid lived in underwater kingdom with her father, the sea king, and her five elder sisters. All
the sisters were equally beautiful. The sea king was proud of his six daughters.

The Mermaids were allowed to see the outer world only when each of them completed 15 years of age.
The Little Mermaid would think of happy moments. She would think of a prince whom she would marry
one day. She wished that she would live in a palace with the prince

One day, the Little Mermaid was above water. Suddenly, a fierce storm arose and
a ship passing by got trapped in it.

There was a prince on board. The Little Mermaid saved him but he was faint. She tried hard
to bring him out of water.

She safely pulled him out of the water and put him on sand. Suddenly, a young girl arrived there. She
was a princess. She helped the prince to regain consciousness. The prince came to his senses
and thanked the princess for her timely help.

Now, the Little Mermaid had a soft corner in her heart for the prince. It was love at first sight. But it was one-sided. The prince didn’t love the Little Mermaid. But he too had a soft corner in his heart for the Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid went to a Sea Witch. The Witch took the Little Mermaid’s tongue and provided legs to her. It was the miracle of the Witch’s powers.

The Witch cautioned her that once she became a human, she would never be able to return to the sea. The Little Mermaid was on cloud nine. She was extremely happy in her heart of hearts.

The Witch also told her that on her legs she would dance so superbly that no one would match her.

The Little Mermaid now had feet but no tongue. But still, the prince had a soft corner for her in his heart.

The prince told her that he loved that girl whom he saw on that stormy night. He was in belief
that she saved his life. She was the princess and soon they were going to marry

After the marriage of the prince and the princess, the Little Mermaid became very sad. All her hopes had been dashed to the ground.

She was in deep thought—’How much she suffered for the prince. Where to go now?’
At last, she decided to end her life.

Suddenly, the two sisters of the Little Mermaid appeared in the sea. They gave her a knife and said to draw some blood from the prince’s body. By rubbing the blood on her feet she would regain her original
shape. The Sea Witch gave them the knife but took their hair.

The conscience of the Little Mermaid did not allow her for such a cruel act.
After all, she loved the prince. As the day dawned, the Little Mermaid jumped into the sea.

To her utter dismay, she was unacceptable to the sea. Slowly her body turned into foam. The Little Mermaid
became a star and began to twinkle in the sky.

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