Lady Eagle and Her Glasses

Lady Eagle was flying high. She was not able to see things clearly from the sky. She saw something big lying on the grass. She swooped and carried back it to her nest. “Another garden chair to eat!” cried her husband, “You must get your eyes checked.” “How can I wear glasses? All the other eagles will laugh at me”, Lady Eagle cried. “ But they will laugh if they come to know about the garden chair that you brought for dinner” her husband answered her. So finally, Lady Eagle had to meet Doctor Eagle. “You have a very poor eyesight. You have to wear a pair of glasses. But you have to pay three dead mice for the glasses,” said Doctor Eagle. “But Doctor, how can I catch the mice without wearing the glasses?” asked Lady Eagle. “OK! OK! You can wear your new glasses and catch mice for me!” said Doctor Eagle. Lady Eagle thanked the doctor and took her glasses. She wore it and flew high to look for the mice on the ground.

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