Kua Fu Chased the Sun

Long ago, Kua Fu, the bravest and the fastest giant, lived on the mountain called ‘Heaven Pillar’. He could cover hundreds of miles in a single step. One day, he took a tree and began to race after the sun. He chased the sun to the Yu Valley, when he felt thirsty and tired to continue. Where could he find some water? With a single stride, he reached the Yellow River and drank the whole river. But it was not enough.

He drained the Wei River, and marched towards the north for the lakes. At last, he collapsed and the deafening sound rolled everywhere. The tree, he was carrying fell and grew into a peach tree grove. Today that forest is called Donglin Forest, a beautiful, green forest with sweet peaches. From here comes the idiom, Kua Fu chased the sun, which becomes the trope of man’s determination and volition against Nature.

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