Fish for the Moon in the Well

One day, Haojia, the witty man, went to a well to fetch some water. When he peeped into the well, he saw the moon’s reflection and thought that the moon had sunk in the well, ‘Oh, Good Heavens! What a pity! The shining moon has dropped into the well!’ He rushed home for a hook and tied it with the rope of his bucket. He threw the bucket into the well to fish for the moon. After a while, Haojia was delighted as the hook caught something.

Actually, the hook caught on a rock. He quickly started pulling the rope. He pulled it so hard that the rope broke and Haojia fell flat on his back. Lying on the floor, he saw the moon again high in the sky. He felt relieved and happy, ‘Aha, it finally came back to its place! What a great job!’ He felt proud of himself and told everyone he met, about his wonderful deed without knowing that what he did was actually unrealistic.

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