Krishna and Puffed Rice

Sudama, the son of a poor Brahmin, studied in Sage Sandipani’s gurukul along with Lord Krishna and Balarama. Over time, Lord Krishna and Sudama became inseparable friends. One day, Guru Mata, wife of Sage Sandipani, asked Lord Krishna and Sudama to bring some wood from the forest. While they were collecting wood, dark clouds spread in the sky and it started raining heavily. Lord Krishna and Sudama took shelter on the branches of a huge tree but it did not stop raining for a very long time. “Sudama, I am feeling very hungry,” Krishna complained but Sudama, who was on the branch above Him, did not answer. For, he was busy eating the puffed rice that Guru Mata had packed for them both. When Krishna climbed up the branch and caught Sudama eating red-handed, He said jokingly, “Sudama, you owe Me this puffed rice. You will give it to Me later.” Soon, it stopped raining and they both went back, forgetting the incident.

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