Guru Dakshina

In earlier days, there was a practice called guru dakshina. After completing their education, students would make a token offering of gratitude to their guru. This offering was called guru dakshina. When their education was over, Lord Krishna and Balarama went to Sage Sandipani. Standing humbly with bowed heads, they asked, “Guru Dev! It is time for us to return home. Kindly tell us what we may offer to you as guru dakshina.” Sage Sandipani said, “Krishna and Balarama! It was my good fortune to be a guru to the ideal students like You. You are All-knowing and All-powerful. Your divine attributes are known the world over. By associating with You, all my material desires have vanished. But I have a longing for my son who died many years ago. He had been playing on the beach, and somehow he was drowned. I want You to resurrect him and bring him back to me.” Thus, Lord Krishna and Balarama set out to fulfil their guru’s desire.

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