The Strigops habroptilus (scientific name) or kakapo is native to New Zealand. A heavy flightless bird, the kakapo is 24 inches in length, and stores a large amount of body fat, making it the heaviest parrot in the world. It has yellow moss-green feathers on the upperparts, which are barred or mottled with black or brown. The underparts and face are a lighter yellow. It also has ‘whiskers’ around its beak, and short soft wings which it uses for balance and support. Unlike other birds, it has a powerful pleasant musky odour. Its diet includes seeds, fruits, pollen, sapwood and native plants. They have a unique ‘lek’ mating ritual. The average clutch has 1-2 eggs incubated for 30 days. Its IUCN listing is CRITICALLY ENDANGERED.

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