Johny and His Tree-house

“Dad! Can we go for a jungle-trip? I want to live in a tree-house,” said Johny. “You don’t have to go to jungle to live in a tree-house. I will build a tree- house for you in our garden,” said Johny’s Papa. “Really Papa?” asked Johny. “Yes, dear!” assured his father. Sunday came. Johny’s father got up early and took his hammers, nails and tongs and climbed up a big ladder and started making a wooden house in a tree of his garden. When Johny woke up, he saw his father working in the garden. He saw him busy making a tree-house. Soon the tree-house was ready. Johny was very excited to see his new house. He ran to his mother and asked her to see his house. Her mother also praised his house. Now everyone knew if Johny was not seen in his room, he must be inside the tree house. Johny thanked his father for this present for him.

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